Hands & Feet

Take some time to get comfortable, sit back and relax.

From a simple polish to an hour of pure bliss….Let us care for your fingers and toes as only we know how.

Enjoy your pedicure in a private room with soft candle light and soothing music.

While caring for your feet, we allow you to relax and unwind, leaving the outside world behind.

We treat your hands and feet with the care they deserve and only use natural products to nourish and heal the their tired ways. Gently but powerfully removing calluses and meticulously shaping and polishing to perfection using only OPI polishes.

Your manicure or pedicure will be a journey to savour.

Looking for a permanent colour?

We choose to use Biosculpture for our permanent colour fingers and toes. Biosculpture is the most natural nail enhancement product available and is the only product of it’s kind with a five star health rating.


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