allow 60mins      $120



Our very own therapist Jodie delivers your reading with integrity and light.


Jodie’s caring and empathetic nature makes your time with her a safe space in which to receive special messages just for you. Recognizing that each and every one of us are unique, Jodie’s reading will reflect just what you need in order to move forward. Her understanding and empathy will allow you to have comfort in knowing she is here to help you move through any obstacles and find your path back to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Along with her ability to see and hear messages, Jodie feels her way through your reading picking up physical ailments, energetic blockages and attachments and helps to determine where they might originate from. Doing so, you may experience a feeling of release and relief. Jodie has both a lifetime of experience using her gifts and officially recognised training in many healing modalities.

Jodie is also an accomplished medium who may communicate messages from your loved ones in spirit if they choose to come through or are relevant to your reading.

Jodie’s heartfelt style of reading opens a channel for truth and self-centred direction for your personal growth and empowerment. Answering questions you may have and making all of your options in life clear.

You will receive a CD recording of your reading which will be a treasure for you to take into the future.