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Relaxation Massage        30mins   $50          60mins   $80         90mins   $115

A Swedish style massage with gentle to medium pressure. Increases circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage and melts away muscle tension. Incorporate essential oil blends for total relaxation.

0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailRemedial Massage                                           60mins   $90

Remedial  is designed for anyone suffering from chronic or acute muscle aches and for those seeking a remedy for an ailment. During your massage your therapist will discuss your concerns and your treatment options. She may recommend the use of cupping and or cranio sacral work during this massage to aid in a speedy recovery.

Please discuss your needs with your therapist.

Remedial massage may be claimed with health funds.


0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailHot lava shell Massage                                            60mins   $90            90mins   $125

Smooth shells from the oceans of the pacific which are heated from within by combining magnesium, iron, sea kelp, algae and salt water glide smoothly and firmly over the body creating a synergy of warmth, relaxation and beauty for a sensation of unsurpassed bliss.

0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailPregnancy Massage                                             60mins     $90              90mins  $125


Pregnancy massage helps to prepare your body for the important role of carrying your unborn child. It also assists with issues arising due to the added pressure and bodily strains due to pregnancy.

You can rest assured that while your own body is cared for, the health and wellbeing of your child is also of utmost importance to your therapist. Pregnancy massage is not only essential for prevention of potential problems and relief from current ailments, it is also a wonderfully relaxing time to help a mother-to-be to relax and unwind and reduce stress levels so she can enjoy the magical experience of bringing a baby into the world. Read more….


Lymphatic Drainage         60mins     $90            0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvail90mins  $125


The lymphatic system is a vital part of the circulatory and immune system. It is responsible for removing excess fluid from tissues and organs of the body.

The healthy functioning of the lymphatic system can be compromised due to factors such as stress, illness and soft tissue trauma. This can cause the lymphatic system to become overwhelmed and its functions to slow down.

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy uses non-invasive and specific manual techniques, following the natural circulatory pathways of the lymphatic system to stimulate and enhance performance.

Manual drainage can aid in the reduction of inflammation and soft tissue conditions. Treatment can be beneficial for chronic pain, sports injuries, pre & post-surgery, lymphedema and inflammation due to removal of nodes e.g. breast surgery.

The effects of treatment include; Deep relaxation, reduction of pain, increased energy and reduction of high blood pressure.

May be claimed with your health fund.


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