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Homoeopathy is a natural, safe and extremely powerful system of health care because of its ability to treat people on all levels.

Whilst Homeopathy can simply treat the physical body, it also encompasses mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that might inhibit a patient’s state of health and wellbeing.

Homoeopathy treats the whole person, taking into account their personal history, environmental factors and their inherited tendency to be vulnerable to particular dis-ease or conditions.

If you are experiencing physical symptoms, suffering mental or emotional turmoil or just feeling out of sorts with no apparent symptoms, Homeopathy can help.

El is our Homeopath  here and she is one of the lovely ones. Her caring and empathetic nature means that you will be  really listened to, diagnosed accordingly and treated at the highest proffesional level possible.

El is highly qualified and experienced in so many of the different applications of Homeopathy. She cares about your wellbeing and helping you to live a healthy, balanced life by getting to know you and understanding you. This in turn helps you to better understand yourself and move through life with ease.

Your consultation includes all remedies to aid in your recovery and wellbeing.