Relax in the candle light, take in the relaxing music and drift away to the the expert touch of our Massage Therapists. Our therapists are here for you, to relax your body and calm your mind. Let their expertise be our guarantee that your treatment will nurture you from head to toe. We offer many […]

Essential Oils and Chakras Workshop

EXPERIENCE THE GIFTS OF THE EARTH! Realign & Balance!  This Saturday 11th October 1.45pm- 4pm            Cost $20   Discover how you can balance & align your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies utilizing the gifts of the earth, CPTG Essential Oils. Chakra balancing is a fabulous way to improve your […]

Danielle Shadford- Massage Therapist

One of my first memories was getting acupuncture for asthma as a very small child,between 3-4 years old. I was brought up on natural therapies and homeopathic remedies. My mother was very much a mother of the earth and only gave us the most nutrient whole foods and educated us extensively about natural remedies. So my journey […]

Yoga for Kids

What is Yoga for Kids and Why Practice It? Yoga is an ancient science that helps to create health and well-being by building awareness, strength, and flexibility in both mind and body.   Yoga is an egalitarian practice, bestowing its benefits on every practitioner, regardless of his or her physical abilities.   Yoga postures, or Asanas, are […]

My Kinesiology Session with Meagan

  Last week  I had my first kinesiology session with Meagan. I’m a bit slow with this blog but anyway… I actually wrote it the day I had the session but got side tracked and didn’t post it… until now. I have had Kinesiology before but each therapist is so different. This treatment was truly […]

Introducing Our Team of Therapist

So as you have probably noticed, we have had quite a few staff changes in the last while. Finding great therapists is the most difficult part of running a business. (As many of you know.) I believe my business cannot grow and flourish without really special therapists to take care of our wonderful clientele. I […]


Meditation Workshops

Saturday    17th May    9am – 4pm                $160   This one day program is to allow you to discover meditation and how to bring it into your life. You will learn easy tools & techniques that can also be applied at home to enhance your current practice […]

Is Homeopathy for You?

written By Elzette Harper- Our in-house Homeopath. If you prefer natural solutions to help you truly heal from within rather than relying on chemicals or syntheticproducts to control unwanted symptoms or force a particular response, homeopathy is for you. Homeopathy treats the whole person: body, mind and emotions.  A person’s health problems are addressed by […]

How Much Chemical Preservative Is REALLY in Your Products?

So yesterday I was told something that I hadn’t heard before. It made me feel both a little bit stupid and somewhat ripped off…. I was asking why some cosmetics products have no preservative or only a teeny tiny bit of preservative listed on their ingredients. I thought this was an indication of a great, […]

Kinesiology & Happy Relationships- FREE talk

  First 20minutes: Kinesiology Kinesiology focuses on being in balance within oneself, and one’s lifestyle. Kinesiology uses the knowledge of traditional Indian & Chinese medicine, combined with modern scientific research; it is a highly beneficial natural therapy that alleviates stress from the body’s system by balancing the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of our being. […]