Hands and Feet


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 File and Paint   - Fingers                                             $220472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvail




0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailMini Manicure                                   allow 30mins      $36

Including softening soak, nail care, cuticle treatment, skin nourishment and a polish of your choice.


0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailBeach Beauty Manicure                  allow 45mins      $52

Treat your hands with a softening soak, nail care, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, intense nourishment treatment and a hand and arm massage. Finished with a polish of your choice.


0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailFile and Paint   - Toes                                                     $22



0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailPedicure                                                allow 45mins     $62

Includes a softening soak, nail care, cuticle treatment, callus removal, exfoliation, smoothing cream and painted toes.


0472_JoyMoves_Button-ChkAvailBeach Beauty Pedicure                      allow   60mins    $76

Treat your feet with a softening soak, nail care, cuticle treatment, callus removal, exfoliation, rejuvenating mask with scalp massage and a foot massage. Then blissfully walk out with beautifully painted toe nails.

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Kirra Beach Beauty, Body & Soul is proud to offer Biosculpture Gel Nails, a nail enhancement procedure that is a healthy alternative to acrylic or traditional gel nails.biosculpture

Our highly skilled nail technition takes pride in your beautiful nails.

So sit back, relax, chat and enjoy a special blend of herbal tea and watch your nails be transformed.

Following you will find some important information regarding Biosculpture Gel nails & pricing.


Permanent Colour Biosculpture Nails

When preparing the nail plate for a Bio Sculpture® Gel treatment there is only minimal and light buffing of the nail in order to remove all traces of oils and dry skin, using the very softest of buffs. This is unlike other permanent colour procedures and acrylic applications, which use dehydrating primers and bonding liquids and scratch the surface with harsh buffing, therefore damaging the nail at the outset of application. Bio Sculpture® Gel achieves the best results with a nourished and rehydrated nail. Bio Sculpture® Gel’s philosophy is to refrain from damaging the natural nail and to have as little buffing and filing of the natural nail as possible. NO ABRASIVE and DAMAGING ELECTRIC DRILLS are used in Bio Sculpture® Gel Treatments.


Are Your Nails Dehydrated?

Bio Sculpture® Gel always promotes a healthy nail plate, so rehydration is part of how the system works, with accompanying treatments that compliment and nurture the nail. In contrast, other permamnet colour and acrylic application requires the nail plate be dehydrated using primers and bonders therefore creating weak, brittle natural nails.


Ingredients Plus

Bio Sculpture® Gel is the only gel brand in the world to receive the International 5 Star Farmovs Parexel rating for efficacy and tolerability. Bio Sculpture® Gel does not contain any MMA, parabens, phthalates, toluene or formaldehyde, as a result of this, Bio Sculpture® Gel is a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

There are no overpowering or toxic odours and little dust as a result of minimal buffing, hence no face masks are worn by Bio Sculpture® Gel technicians.


Hygiene Supreme

Bio Sculpture® Gel is applied straight out of a sterile pot eliminating the need to mix powders with liquids in the salon, making it a far simpler and more hygienic process. As Bio Sculpture® Gel doesn’t set until it is cured under an LED light, it’s easier to work with and to achieve a perfect gel application. Furthermore, Bio Sculpture® Gel technicians don’t use drills or facemasks – the treatment is gentle and never ever painful.


Beauty With Benefits

Application of Bio Sculpture® Gel does not damage the natural nail at all as there is no need for roughing or dehydrating the nail plate. The Bio Sculpture® Gel mantra is “Healthier Nail Care” and the ingredients in the gel serve to enhance the condition of the natural nail, proving to be a helping hand to nail biters, who usually find significant growth and the return of nails which they can be proud of.


Non-chip, Instant Dry

Polished and manicured nails on fingers or toes, even the naturally strongest, will chip and wear after only a few days. In contrast, Bio Sculpture® Gel application gives a non-chip, smudge-proof and fade resistant colour for up to 3 weeks – saving you time and money. Application dries within seconds under LED  light, ensuring that clients are good to go in great style, immediately after application.

Imagine being able to take your keys out of your hand bag without smudging your newly treated nails or putting your stockings or boots on after having a Gel application on your Toes?


Easy Maintenance

Bio Sculpture® Gel is applied on top of the nail plate rather than being etched into it. When removing the gel it is simply released from the nail plate without causing any damage. Bio Sculpture® Gel removal is never a painful experience.


Complete Nail Care

There are many advantages to wearing Bio Sculpture® Gel on fingers and toes including:

1. Bio Sculpture® Gel is odourless with no overpowering chemical smells – healthier for client and technician and your kids if they are accompanying you to the salon.

2. Bio Sculpture® Gel is natural looking, light weight and strong – durability delivers great results.

3. Bio Sculpture® Gel is flexible like a natural nail and is resistant to breaks and chips.

4. Bio Sculpture® Gel has a range of over 100 beautiful fashionable colours including French and clear.

5. A French finish can be painted over with a coloured nail polish from the Bio Sculpture® range and then removed to return to the French finish without discolouration.

6. Bio Sculpture® Gel is quick and easy to remove and doesn’t damage the natural nail.

7. Bio Sculpture® Gel offers a range of treatment gels specifically for individual needs. If you need a stronger, less flexible nail coating, Bio Sculpture® Gel has a specially formulated S-Gel for extra strength. Alternatively, if you would like greater flexibility Bio Sculpture® Gel has the Clear Gel.


Internationally Recognised Training

Bio Sculpture® Gel prides itself on a strict comprehensive training regime that requires all technicians to attend ‘Life Time Training’. It is necessary that all technicians wishing to use Bio Sculpture® Gel have a minimum beauty therapy or manicure/pedicure qualification. This ensures that they have an understanding of the anatomy of the nail, nail disorders, fungal infections. For the consumer this means they are guaranteed a quality Bio Sculpture® Gel treatment no matter which technician they visit, every time they visit.


Health First For Technicians

For the Bio Sculpture® Gel technicians the application process is much safer than acrylics as there is no exposure to harsh chemicals or pungent smells. No harsh buffing of the nail before or after the Bio Sculpture®Gel application means it is much gentler and less laborious, hence no dust.When a client returns for a Bio Sculpture® Gel infill it can be removed and reapplied with ease. In contrast to acrylics, there is no time soaking off in harsh chemicals. Additionally, no dehydrating or priming products are required when reapplying Bio Sculpture® Gel. A Bio Sculpture® Gel in-fill or removal is much faster and cost-effective than an acrylic removal.




Biosculpture Permanent Colour                                                  $49

Full Set of length extensions                                                         $85

Infills Including 1 repair (2 week intervals )                           $49

Additional repair during infill appointment                           $10

Repair as a stand alone appointment                                         $10

Nail Art & Glitter tips                                                                      $10

Toe permanent colour/ colour change                                       $49

Toe infills as an addition to a pedicure                                      $25

Removal with mini manicure                                                       $49