Rosemond Muscle Neurology Therapy

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This massage therapy is a precise modality to help aid in the re-alignment of the correct anatomical positioning for your body as well as the correct functioning of you body systems.

Incorporating the unique Rosemond Muscle neurology Therapy system with Remedial massage and extensive hands on experience, your therapist will help you to release physical blockages trapped in muscle by gently massaging and working an your entire body and all of it’s systems.

Whether you are aware of your body’s ailments such as scoliosis, sciatica, vertigo. shin splints, hip misalignment and more, or are experiencing symptoms of unknown causes such as constant pain, bodily discomfort, severe neck and shoulder tension or trapped nerves, your therapist will tailor your treatment to exactly what you need.structural correction

This therapy is a remedy for complete body wellbeing and incorporates internal organ work which is essential for the healthy functioning of a complete body including muscular, digestive, nervous system, lymphatic drainage and more. When your internal organs are functioning at their optimum, you will feel the benefits of higher energy levels, great skin health and appearance, ease of body movement, regulation and stabilizing emotions and mood swings.


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