Massage help for Children

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With specialized training in working with children’s bodies, minds and emotions, there are numerous benefits your child can experience with massage therapy.

Incorporating the unique Rosemond Muscle Neurology Therapy system with remedial massage and extensive experience working with children, Linda will help to release physical blockages trapped in muscle by gently massageing and working on your child’s entire body and all of it’s systems.

This therapy is also a remedy for complete body wellbeing and incorporates internal organ work which is essential for the healthy functioning of a complete body including muscular, digestive, nervous systems and more. When your child’s internal organs are functioning at their optimum they will feel the benefits and you will see that they may experience higher energy levels, clearer skin, improved body movement and stabilized emotions and moods.massage for children

Whether you are aware of your child’s ailments such as scoliosis, anxiety, hip misalignment and more or they are experiencing symptoms of unknown causes such as constant pain or discomfort, growing pains, mood swings or even general behavioral issues, your therapist will tailor a treatment to exactly what your child needs.

Be assured that your precious ones are in safe hands and that help is available.


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