Intuitive Massage


60 mins         $130           90 mins $220


We have a very special therapists here in the centre who has amazing natural skills and gifts that, combined with her formal massage qualifications allow you to experience a treatment like no other.

J0die has a beautiful ability to make a connection with Spirit or Source while making physical contact with your body through massage.

The best way to describe this experience is like having a clairvoyant reading and a massage together.

scalp massage

Your therapist tunes in to your body to help discover where your tensions and ailments may be originating from and will talk you through step by step in an open, safe and caring space.

Your physical and emotional strains may be eased with the insight gained. Your therapist may communicate with her guides to see visual images, hear messages, feel your emotions and gain insight from loved ones in spirit.

As always, your therapist receives information that is waiting for you and will not endeavor to steer in any direction but that which relates to your total health and wellbeing.

If you are keen to experience new things in a nurturing atmosphere and look forward to seeing with clarity and feeling a sense of peace and understanding, while at the same time relaxing and unwinding with a beautiful massage, then this is simply a must.

A beautiful treatment to start or continue your healing process.


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