Past Life Regression/ Hypnotherapy


                                                              allow    2hours                  $230


Kerry has over 30 years experience in the art of communicating with the subconscious.

This method of hypnotherapy is very successful as your subconscious mind knows all about you, your fears, doubts, injuries, pains, anxieties, relationships and desires.

You will remain alert during the course of your session, Kerrie is simply guiding you to information and feelings you have forgotten.

This therapy can be helpful in so many ways.

During a session, find where your patterns originate and release blocks from earlier in life or past lives. This enables you to heal and move forward in life without the burdens of your past.

You may discover talents you don’t remember you have from a previous time. This may open new doors in your life, could ignite a new passion or creative streak.

What ever the purpose for your session, this is an experience not to be missed.