What is cupping? allow 60mins $95

Cupping has been used in China as a traditional remedy to many health complaints. Cupping has also been used in Western countries, it has a widespread use in European countries as being a remedy for chest complaints as well as muscular release and is a traditional method that has been used in most households.

How does it work?

Glass cups are heated and applied in different strengths to the required area of the body. This creates a vacuum effect on the skin and underlying muscles, which is said to enhance blood flow by lymphatic circulation.

Cupping also has a direct effect on the muscles releasing tension and breaking adhesions.

Each treatment may address a range of areas depending on the health complaint and is combined with massage and stretching to enhance muscle release. Cupping is an excellent treatment when feeling the cold.

Cupping can be tonifying by increasing energy or sedating depending on the strengths of the cups and the needs of the individual.

A number of techniques maybe utilised by the cupping practitioner to attain the desired outcomes.


What can Cupping be used for:


  • aching tight painful muscles


  • injuries/restricted movement


  • decreasing scar tissue


  • stress


  • exhaustion


  • insomnia


  • chronic chest infections/ pain with coughing


  • enhancing lymphatic circulation


  • headaches


  • digestive problems


  • constipation


  • menstrual pain /cramping


Cupping is the best deep tissue massage as it draws stagnant fluids to the skin surface and releases muscle tension

* cupping may leave discolouration of the skin as it draws stagnant blood to the surface, it looks like a bruise but is not and is not painful.

Allow 1-10 days for clearing of the colour.

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